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Libby Lazewnik Novels

Libby Lazewnik is a best-selling author for good reason. Teens love her books!

Deception — An absorbing human drama and a can’t-put-it-down mystery thriller!
The Last Lie — The electrifying sequel to Deception! Attorney Ari Lander comes home to find his only daughter missing. To his horror, she has gone away with the mother who abandoned her family, and her Jewish faith, seven years earlier. He also learns that a longtime client has been found poisoned in his bed, and the family wants Ari to find the murderer…
Broken Promises — A gripping and multi-layered story of promises made and broken, and of people facing challenges, often with grace and courage, sometimes with denial and failure. It seemed like such a great shidduch between Yitzy Holstein and Tzivia Morris — two prominent families, two really nice kids who immediately liked each other… Then came a sick child. A doctor’s visit. A lawsuit. And these two fine families must deal with crisis, betrayal, self-awareness, and broken hearts.

Give me the Moon – Ambition. Schemes. Dreams. Is the moon too much to ask for?

The Judge – Get swept away in the fast pace of this gripping tale and in the gritty but soulful lives of these very human characters.

Jump In and Other Stories – Sometimes you can’t walk, you’ve got to run. And sometimes you have to do even more: You have to jump right in. So come on, jump right in! 




Libby Lazewnik



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