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3 Cheers for Shira

The Shira Trilogy is back–and all in one volume! Shira's Summer, Shira's New start, and Absolutely Shira are chock-full of adventure, fun, and lots of challenges. Meet Shira Gordon, her wonderful family, and her charming friend Dawn Gruber. These heartwarming books have been, and will be, a favorite for young adults of all ages.

Libby Lazewnik Novels

Libby Lazewnik is a best-selling author for good reason. Teens love her books!   Deception — An absorbing human drama and a can’t-put-it-down mystery thriller! The Last Lie — The electrifying sequel to Deception! Attorney Ari Lander comes home to find his only daughter missing. To his horror, she has gone away with the mother who abandoned her […]

The Lost Legacy

All seems peaceful in the Jewish community of Gunther. But beneath the small town's mask of tranquility lie many secrets… A fifty-year-old secret that can destroy the local school's long-held dream… The newlywed wife's secret that she doesn't dare share even with those who love her most… The teacher's secret that she fears will break […]