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Hirsch Haggadah

Similar to his Torah Commentary, Rabbi Hirsch’s Haggadah offers a clear and comprehensive explanation of every step the Seder. The Hirsch Haggadah also offers some of Rav Hirsch’s major essays on Pesach/Passover. This book is particularly useful for anyone preparing to run their own Seder.

Props for 10 Plagues

Good storytelling becomes great storytelling with visual aids. Here are our suggestions for making the 10 Plagues more engaging: 1. Blood – A magician’s glass or pitcher will let you change water into “blood”. (Or you might try some good ol-fashioned stage blood.)  2. Frogs – Kids will giggle when you bring out the plastic […]

The Carp in the Bathtub

On Passover, aside from more important things, it also meant eating Mama's gefilte fish, which she made from fresh carp.  Mama always bought her carp a week in advance, and stored it, fresh, in the bathtub.This particular year, though, Leah and her brother Harry fell in love with the carp. Leah and Harry hatch a […]

If You Give a Frog a Piece of Matzah

As a frog and a boy are seated at a Passover seder table, the boy gradually reveals the steps of the "ten plagues". The easily-offended frog comes away not only reassured of his importance to the Passover story, but also wishing he was Jewish, too. This book has a modern and refreshing look, and is […]