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Seder in Herlin

Seder in Herlin and Other Stories for girls is a collection of inspiring stories of the adventures of young Jewish girls in contemporary settings around the world

The experiences of the heroines of The Little Red Shoe, Fiffy, The Miracle of Mannheim and Seder in Herlin are depicted against the background of Europe in the throes of World War II.
Miriam's Lullabye and A Summer in the Catskills deal with the same period in America.
Adventure on Piz Nair, Derailment on the Suburban Railroad tell of the daring rescues by two young American girls, one on the mountains of Switzerland, the other on a commuter line to Long Island.
Repentance and The Secret Passage take place in Vietnam and Israel respectively; while Adventure in Moscow alludes to the plight of our Russian Jewish brethren.

These stories are both entertaining and instructive. Throughout each tale runs one continuous thread – the guiding hand of the Almighty. Their heroins inspire Jewish teenagers to recognize Divine providence and to meet the challenge of their faith.

A great gift for all Jewish teenage girls.



Gershon Kranzler




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