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Props for 10 Plagues

Good storytelling becomes great storytelling with visual aids. Here are our suggestions for making the 10 Plagues more engaging:

1. BloodA magician’s glass or pitcher will let you change water into “blood”. (Or you might try some good ol-fashioned stage blood.)

2. FrogsKids will giggle when you bring out the plastic toy frogs.

3. Lice  Sprinkle a bit of salt and ask them to imagine these things all over their body….

4. Wild Animals A set of wild animals gets the point across. Imagine these walking down your street! Who can make a great “roar”?

5. PestilenceAll you need is some farm animals, have a child kill them off on cue.

6. BoilsNothing beats the feel of real slime for this gross plague.

7. HailBest idea: stuff some red and yellow paper into a couple Wiffle Balls to give that fire-in-ice look. (Backup: softball or ping-pong ball.)

8. LocustsKids will love the hand puppet, the funny hat or the mask.

9. DarknessGet a couple sleep masks for someone at the Seder to model (warning: these are the cheap ones, not recommended for sleeping with).

10. FirstbornA set of skeleton keychains will get their attention.

We also recommend the 10 Plague Masks set — put one child in charge of putting these on at the right time.






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