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The Carp in the Bathtub

On Passover, aside from more important things, it also meant eating Mama's gefilte fish, which she made from fresh carp.  Mama always bought her carp a week in advance, and stored it, fresh, in the bathtub.
This particular year, though, Leah and her brother Harry fell in love with the carp.

Leah and Harry hatch a plan to save the Passover carp from the cooking pot.
To save the carp, they brought the fish downstairs to Mrs. Ginzburg, who agreed to put the carp in her bathtub instead.
They hoped their father would save "Joe," but Papa would have none of it. He went straight to Mrs. Ginzburg's apartment, and retrieved their beloved fish before their mother even knew he was missing.
The children in the story never ate gefilte fish again, but a few weeks after their favorite carp died, their father brought home a cat, which they also named Joe.

The children really don't understand why the carp has to be sacrificed, and while they don't realize the sacrifice their parents make for them, they do understand the love they receive. Young readers and listeners get the same message.

This wonderful 1972 story, The Carp In The Bathtub, is a creative and entertaining Passover book for all Jewish kids.



Barbara Cohen



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