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There are many English-language translations of the Torah (Chumash), both in print and online. While none is perfect, we believe that the following four print editions are the best available:

  • Stone Chumash – For a basic user-friendly family Hebrew-English Torah (Chumash), we think this is the overall top pick. In addition to helpful commentary on every page gathered from dozens of rabbinic sources, it includes a useful Index, Bibliography, the entire text of the five Megillot, numerous charts and graphics, and other features.
    • Stone Travel Size – Identical to the full size with the added feature of a full Shabbat liturgy in the back.
  • Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan’s Living Torah is an excellent alternative to the Stone; fewer bells-and-whistles but a very readable translation with footnotes that lean toward the scientific.
  • The Hirsch Chumash is a good translation beloved for its stunningly erudite commentary.
  • The Chabad Chumash is recommended for someone looking for a Chassidic interpretation.

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