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The Jewel and The Journey

A mysterious jewel, a dangerous journey…
Ephraim Edelstein is about to leave home forever. Before his family sets out on the long and perilous journey to settle in the Land of Israel, his grandfather gives him a mysterious jewel, and a strange riddle that holds its secret.
The journey will take many months, with dangers lurking at every turn — vicious Russian soldiers… thieves… pirates and more. When his family is faced with certain disaster, Ephraim finds himself in a race against time to unlock his grandfather's riddle.
Filled with exciting twists and turns, this book tells the story of a small but determined group of Jews in the early 1800s, and how — when all seems lost — a quiet young boy finds his way.
It offers an intriguing look at a little-known yet fascinating period in Jewish history through the eyes of a young boy. The Jewel and the Journey will take you on a voyage you won’t soon forget!

Goldy says: "Shows you how much trouble Jews went to just to live in Israel – very interesting. She's a very good writer."


Miriam Walfish




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