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Swinging Haman Wooden Gragger – Purim Noisemaker

Q: What could be more fun than making a ruckus when you hear Haman's name in the Purim story?

A: Making a ruckus with a whirling, dazed Haman gragger (noisemaker) – it's the best!

Look, for kids it ain't Purim without a gragger. They can't hear the Book of Esther without one. Now, you could give your kid a drum, a whistle, or even a coconut and machete (to cut it open and make a giant clapper). Or you could present your unique child with this unique gragger. As kids know and love and parents loathe, the time to make noise is when they hear Haman's name in the story.

The Haman gragger is made of colorfully painted wood, and measures 7.25 inches long. That's big enough to drive your parents batty but NOT big enough to be safe for children under 3.

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