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The Queen You Thought You Knew

The Book of Esther and the holiday of Purim can easily masquerade as child’s play. Theres a villain out to hang Mordechai and murder his countrymen; a king who enjoys drinking; and a beautiful and noble queen. There are assassins, palace intrigue and a climactic battle scene — and a happy ending, to boot. Purim […]

I Spy Purim Book

This I Spy Purim book is an educational guessing game and will teach children about the Purim story in a fun and interactive way. This book includes coloring pages! What can get better than that!

Shalach Manot Purim Gift Baskets

It's that time of year again, time to pull out the tape and confetti…this could get messy. But it doesn't have to! This elegant, 17" tall Mishloach Manot package is an easy and affordable way to do this great Purim mitzvah. Click the Amazon link below for this "Gift Tower" or click here to view […]

The One Hour Purim Primer

"Everything a Family Needs to Understand, Celebrate and Enjoy Purim" Whether you have celebrated Purim fifty times or never at all, you'll find this book relevant and helpful. It contains a clear step-by-step guide to celebrating Purim, with great ideas for kids, an overview of the history behind the holiday, and lucid insights that reveal […]

Sammy Spider’s First Purim

Sammy Spider wants to help Josh Shapiro get ready for Purim. Instead, Sammy's curiosity gets him stuck inside a gragger (Purim noise-maker). How will he escape? Children who enjoy Sammy Spider books will find the Purim edition a delight, with the compelling artwork that is a hallmark of the series.


Gadi Pollack has extended his story-telling gift to the Purim holiday with this fabulously illustrated Book of Esther.The events in the Book of Esther are presented in the light of Midrashic sources (noted at the end of the book), with the addition of humorous details and whimsical touches in the spirit of the traditional Purim […]

The Cheery Bim Band

MEET THE CHEERY BIM BAND! GAVRIEL WEINTRAUB: Bright and restless, he’s constantly thinking up new things to do. And then one day he comes up with a really great idea for the Pirchei talent contest. SHAYA LEVIN: Smart and studious, he’s more likely to be reading than performing in public. Gavriel’s idea excites him, though, […]

What Do You See On Purim?

A fun way for toddlers to learn vocabulary! Teach your toddler about the holiday of Purim with this bright and colorful word-and-picture book! Children will learn basic vocabulary while becoming familiar with the objects and concepts that are unique to this special holiday.