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We’d like to dispel two myths about the mezuzah.

Myth #1 – Many people think the fancy little box is the mezuza. They don’t realize that the box contains a mini book. In ancient times, books were written on scrolls. We still have the custom today of putting a small scroll in our mezuza boxes, hand-written with two passages from our #1 Bestseller, the Torah. Thus, we prefer mezuza boxes that are transparent, in order to see the actual scroll.

Myth #2 is that many think the mezuzah goes on the front door. It’s actually supposed to go on every doorway of the house (with a few exceptions like bathrooms and closets).

Jewish books add holiness to the home. This concept is so central to Jewish life that we have an ancient tradition of affixing mini books to our doorposts, a.k.a., the mezuza. That way, when we walk in, out and throughout our homes, we have a constant reminder that life should be a pursuit of wisdom.

Additionally, they make great Bar or Bat Mitzvah gifts!

Here is a great choice for a child who enjoys bright colors – the red and gold Chagall Mezuzah

Here is one for a child who enjoys sports – Personalized Sports Mezuzah

Here’s a great one for a younger child – Childrens Mezuzah Scroll Cases and the Train/balloon/bunny/clown Mezuza! … We also really enjoyed this pick – Moon and Stars Mezuzah.

For all the above cases, this parchment fits – Mezuza Parchment

To obtain our free 1 page how-to flyer on the mezuzah, contact us.

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