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Touched by a Story

Everyone loves a good story. Nothing captures your interest or lingers in your mind as much as a good, skillfully told tale.

In this volume, you will find many such stories. They were chosen for their ability to brighten a dreary day and transform it into one of uplift and inspiration. These are stories, some classics, others sparkling new, that give us something to think about, cry about and chuckle over. Because they tell of personal events, they reach out to the human experience in all of us, sharing moments of intense joy and personal striving. The message of each narrative is there for us to grasp. They are a flash of inspiration, a chance to be moved by meaningful events in peoples' lives, now and forever.

Nearly 100 brief stories — uplifting, soothing, and edifying — will restore your tranquility while they feed your soul.
Stories about people who did the “right thing” at the right time, despite daunting obstacles, reveal the power of our G-d-given human spirit and give us hope. Masterfully told with sensitivity, and sometimes even a bit of humor, these are stories to linger over and share with someone you love.

Goldy Says: "A fantastic book! I'm really touched by the stories."


Rabbi Yechiel Spero



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