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Pirkei Avot – Youth Edition

Pirkei Avot is the classic Jewish book of ethics, compiled 1,800 years ago. We searched high and low for an edition that could be enjoyed not only by kids, not only by parents, but by parents WITH their kids.

Here it is. This book will promote years’ of meaningful discussions between children and parents.

This edition of Pirkei Avos piques a child’s interest while imparting important lessons on behavior, outlook and attitude. Luminescent illustrations seem to jump off the page as they connect ancient wisdom with contemporary experience. Pictures and text creatively link every reader with the chain of tradition that began with Moses and continues to this day. Many parents enjoy reading and discussing these timeless passages with their children at their Shabbat table.

Large (8½” x 11″) page size, complete Hebrew text, simplified translation and commentary, sturdy binding and stain-resistant cover.

Here is another Pirkei Avos for younger children and this one is recommended for older teens.

Goldy says: “I have learned this edition of Pirkei Avot with my father and it really helps make the text come alive.”



Avie Gold


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