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Chanukah Light Up The Nights

This best-selling Chanukah album was produced with brand new songs by the world famous musical legend, Yerachmiel Begun (pronounced "be-GUN"). It contains both full orchestral/choral and karoke versions. Fabulous for Chanuka parties.

10 awesome tracks: 1) Light Up The Nights 2) Ma Oz Tzur 3) Al Hanisim 4) Ya' aleh V'yovoh 5) Chanukah Music/ Karoke Version 6) Light Up The Nights 7) Ma Oz Tzur 8) Al Hanism 9) Ya'aleh V'yovoh 10) Chanukah

Goldy says: "This CD is not like rock-and-roll music, it's nice music and easy to learn the songs. It really is perfect for Channuka parties."

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