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Dreidel Roulette

A new spin on the ancient Channuka game! A game of chance and challenge for an unlimited number of players. As the dreidel spins, it will knock balls into the holes in the playing surface. The longer the dreidel spins, the more balls will be knocked into the 16 colored and numbered holes in the […]

Cool Dreidels

There are so many cool Hanukkah dreidels out there… some are wooden, some are plastic, others are more elaborate. Since the dreidel has Hebrew letters on it, does it qualify as a “book”? It’s your call. But here are some of our favorite gift dreidels: Inflatable Dreidel 100 Plastic Dreidels For a video tutorial on […]

The Hilarious Hanukkah Puzzle Pad

Zany, brainy holiday fun! This book features 50 pages of word searches, brainteasers, mazes, crosswords, logic puzzles and pencil games — all with a fun Hanukkah theme. Open up the Hilarious Hanukkah Puzzle Pad and tear and share these activities this Hanukkah. Goldy says: "It's fun to learn things while playing games."

A Chanukah Story for Night Number Three

Show More Show Less In this humorous rhyming story book, a young Jewish boy named Matisyohu Dov Ber Chaim Tzvi dreams of making something far more exciting than plain birthday cake for his Hannukah birthday. He's determined to make the world's biggest potato latke! Matisyohu's wacky adventure involves six hundred and nine potatoes, a cement […]

Chanukah Mosaic Art Kit

These games and craft kits will keep kids occupied and busy in a meaningful way and build excitement about the upcoming holiday. They can color, decorate and make things their own. This kit works as a Chanukah present or for party favors and party goody bags. Keep some one hand for prizes and rewards, or […]

Hanukkah Cookie Cutter Set

This decorative box of Hanukkah cookie cutters will make a fine seasonal gift for a child of any age (who likes cookies!) These will also work to create Hanukkah-shaped bread for sandwiches, pancakes etc.   Each set includes five plastic shapes: dreidel, menorah and Star of David, macabee, and shield. Goldy says: "Fun to make, […]

Hanukkah A Counting Book

The symbols of Hanukkah are visually presented with colorful effects that will teach young children to count from one to eight. Readers will learn about Hanukkah in three different languages!  English, Hebrew, and Yiddish! Simple graphics and design elements enrich this holiday offering.

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins

What are the poor villagers to do? The holiday-hating, hill-dwelling hobgoblins are bound and determined to ruin yet another Hanukkah for them. Every year the beasties snuff out the menorah candles, destroy the dreidels, and pitch the potato latkes on the floor. But these wicked wet blankets never counted on someone as clever as Hershel […]