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Body & Soul

Here is a book for anyone who wants to know:

  • What does the Torah say about health and fitness?
  • How is living a healthy lifestyle good for your soul?
  • Why is it so hard to live that way?
  • What does Jewish wisdom offer a busy person who wants to create healthier habits?

Body & Soul is a collection of over 180 major Torah teachings, some of which appear here in translation for the first time, supplemented with current medical knowledge.

As a comprehensive introduction to one of the most important mitzvahs, Body & Soul serves as an introduction to Judaism itself.

Table of Contents

  1. Betselem or Beheimah? The Purpose of Life and the First Mitzvah 5
  2. The Wondrous Human Body Your Betselem Vehicle 15
  3. Shmiras HaGuf The Mitzvah to Protect Life 25
  4. Sugar in the Torah and in Nutrition 35
  5. Conquering Your Sweet Tooth 49
  6. The Most Important Food You’re Not Eating Enough Of 55
  7. A Balanced Diet 61
  8. True Happiness 71
  9. The Sunshine Vitamin 79
  10. Why Healthy Weight Matters 85
  11. How to Achieve a Healthy Weight 95
  12. Special Jewish Food Challenges 123
  13. Fasting 157
  14. Holy Eating: Refinement and Dignity 169
  15. Achilah Gasah: Three Levels of Overeating 185
  16. Im Tarutz: Why Exercise? 195
  17. Anu Ratzim: How to Exercise 209
  18. Sleep 231
  19. Serenity 239
  20. Bodily Functions 247
  21. Three Common Health Traps 255
  22. Chinuch: Helping Children Develop Healthy Habits 267
  23. How Many Health and Fitness Mitzvos Are There? 285
  24. Advanced Wisdom 315
  25. Maasei HaRav: Torah Leadership 331







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