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Sukkah in a Snap!

The 3rd of the High Holidays is Sukkot. Maybe you thought that the High Holidays ended after Yom Kippur? Maybe you've heard of Sukkot but never enjoyed it? Think you might want to enjoy a sukkah but don’t have time / tools / skills / strength to build one? Here are 2 options that you […]


Schach is the covering for a sukkah. It may be made of freshly cut branches from any tree, or you can buy reusable bamboo mats. The link below is to a fine selection of the latter.

Sukkot Coloring Book

Join with a family as they prepare for and celebrate Sukkot. A fun way to teach young children the traditional customs of Sukkot . Short English phrases explain the action on each page. Many pages have accompanying Hebrew phrases to color.

What Do You See On Sukkos

Another fabulous board book from Bracha Goetz! Teach your toddler about the holiday of Sukkot with this bright and colorful word-and-picture book! Children will learn basic vocabulary while becoming familiar with the objects and concepts that are unique to this special holiday. A fun way for toddlers to learn everyday vocabulary.