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Need a fun way to spend those long wintery Friday nights or long Shabbat afternoons? Nothing beats the classics! If you’ve never played Canasta, it’s the kind of game that people enjoy playing for their entire lifetime. This set includes two decks of Canasta cards with point values, card holder and score pads.

Choices In a Jar

What’s your choice — To have to walk on stilts the rest of your life, or to always have to roller skate to get around? To have no short-term memory, or no long-term memory? To not eat for two days, or to not sleep for two days? Choice provokes thinking, and thinking is fun. Each […]

Bicycle Playing Cards

We looked high and low (pun intended) for the best value in playing cards. At these prices, let the kids bend them, fold them, use them, lose them. Let them do magic tricks, 52-Card-Pickup and any other game they want!

Sabbath: Day of Eternity

This book by Aryeh Kaplan answers many questions about the day that is the heart of Jewish existence, offering explanations, philosophy and a concise guide to Sabbath observance. Why is the Sabbath the only religious observance mentioned in the Ten Commandments? Why does the Talmud call the Sabbath "a taste of the world to come?" […]

Spot It!

Talk about an addictive game! A fun, fast-paced, and simple card game that everyone aged 7 years and up can enjoy. In a group of two to eight players, you'll draw cards and match symbols, like light bulbs, snowmen, or puppies, but with one catch — there is only one matching symbol exists between any […]

The Sabbath

Regardless of your family's level of observance, Shabbat has the potential to enrich your spiritual life. But many families, even more observant ones, miss the forest for the trees. In this classic, 136-page meditation on the meaning of the seventh day, Heschel presents the idea of an "architecture of holiness" that appears not in space […]


Rummikub is played with a set of 106 elegant tiles that are as durable as they are easy to handle. Like Rummy, players build melds of run of the same colors – Red 7, Red 8 and Red 9 – or sets of the same numbers – Blue 8, Red 8 and Black 8. If […]


Isn’t it funny how the simplest games can be both challenging and engaging? Othello takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. Simple enough for children, yet challenging for adults, it’s great, fast-moving fun for the entire family. Choose to be black or white and strive to get the most discs flipped with […]

Kosherland Board Game

Spin your way to the Kosher Home, don’t get stuck mixing milk and meat together! One of our best selling board games. A great beginner’s game. 2 or more players, ages 4-7. Game instructions are included.   Goldy Says: “Do you enjoy playing Candyland? If so, you’ll love a trip through Kosher land and learn […]