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Siblings Without Rivalry

This book teaches you practical and useful tools and insights on how to improve your children's relationships with each other. This is a great book to help you make it possible for your children to get along and enjoy their sibling relationships.

Kids Are Worth It!

This bestselling guide focuses on helping you help your kids to develop and grow their own self-discipline. Quit trying to be your child's conscience and instead give them the gift of developing and using their own.

Buzz Magnets

Every once in a while, a toy comes along that is so one of a kind, you can't believe your eyes, or your ears! Introducing: Buzz Magnets! They're dense oval-shaped magnets that, for some reason, behave quite oddly. For instance, when you toss them into the air, they pulsate off one another with a loud, […]

The J.E.T. Kids Take Charge

The setting: a Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem. The main characters:two brothers and their neighbor. The plot: they band together to catch a thief. The theme: they learn about interpersonal relationships. An exciting, fast-paced book. From the J.E.T. Kids series. Goldy Says: "An amazing story!"