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First 1000 Words in Hebrew

Show More Show Less This is an introduction to 1000 common words in classical Hebrew.Arranged thematically, many of the pages show an exciting everyday scene, surrounded by a variety of objects from the scene with their Hebrew names. This book makes learning Hebrew fun! A Hebrew/English dictionary of all the words is included. Goldy says:  […]

Hebrew Alphabet Stickers

What better way to teach your children the Hebrew alphabet than with fun and colorful stickers! These 22 brightly colored stickers, feature a Hebrew letter on each as well as a beautifully illustrated picture. Entertaining and educational the Hebrew Alphabet stickers will be sure to keep the learning fun for children 4 and up. Goldy […]

Aleph Bet Wall Hanging

We have an ancient tradition to sweeten a Jewish child’s first step towards reading books, i.e., learning the alphabet. Use this wall hanging to teach children the Hebrew aleph-bet and they will have fun while learning. Bright colors and creative pieces make this a unique way to decorate a child’s room or play area.  Goldy […]

Alef to Tav

Learning the Aleph-Bet doesn't get more fun than this! With a funny and beautifully illustrated story for each letter, the Alef to Tav book is sure to have your kids smiling! Goldy Says: "Nice pics!"