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Illustrated Youth Haggadah (Hardcover)

Parents who want to make Pesach engaging for the whole family often ask us to recommend a Haggada. The Artscroll Youth Haggadah is always our top recommendation, for 3 reasons:

1. It includes the entire traditional text in Hebrew and English. If you want to skip some sections, you can, but anyone who wants to read the whole Haggada will have it in their hands.

2. The text includes an interesting commentary that can be enjoyed by anyone age 8 and above.

3. It has the most interesting full-color illustrations. So imagine a child — or an adult for that matter — who has a tendency to be a little bored at the Seder. With this Haggada in hand, they will have something to keep their attention.

The Passover Haggada is one of the most well-known Jewish books and there are hundreds of editions to choose from (Amazon lists over 1,400). This is our top pick for families with kids.


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Rabbi Nosson Scherman




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